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The Constitution of the BL College Alumni Association


Whereas, the B.L. College, Daulatpur, Khulna was established as a very prominent college of the Presidency Division in the year 1902 during the British regime,

And whereas, the glorification of the standard of education imparted from the college was raised by the laudable performance of the students in their academic career under the stewardship of renowned teachers with glorious backgrounds;

And whereas, after a long lapse of time, it has been felt and thought proper to constitute an association of the ex-students of the college,

And whereas, in pursuance of that ideal initiative by some of the  ex-students of the college, a meeting under the leadership of Professor Harunur Rashid was held on 08.10.2010 in the Umesh Chandra Public Library, Ratan Sen Sarani, Khulna, to adopt a positive decision and so was done with the presence of fifteen (15) ex-students of different sheds in academic career, be it recorded that the first proposal meeting of six ex-students was held on 17-09-10.

And whereas, inter-alia, the decision was taken to frame a constitution of the proposed association and a three (3) member committee was formed for the purpose in this behalf with a lot of terms of reference as should be founded embodied in the proposed constitution,

And whereas, it was also decided in the meeting to give a legal shape of the proposed association, that should be registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare;

And whereas, in compliance with the matters as stated in the preamble, it is hereby declared the constitution of the proposed association with the following articles and provisions.

Aims and Objectives.

The aims and objects in addition to those stated herein before shall also be the following,

a) To develop stronger bond and cohesion among the members and         well- wishers of the association.

(b) To provide support to the members and their families in distress and to organize humanitarian activities in times of national calamities.

c) To enhance, uphold and promote the image of B.L. College as one of the most important centres of education in Bangladesh.

(d) To support efforts of B.L. College and possible others for enhancing the quality of education.

(e) To help promote imparting of all sorts of academic knowledge to students by arrangement of seminar, symposium, publications etc. in the manner, the Management Committee deems fit and proper.

(f) To diffuse knowledge to students on character building by creating tenacity in them for nation building activities with voluntary zeal for the service to humanity.

(g) To create awareness amongst students about national problems in relevant sectors to help create ways for peaceful human habitation, with progressive ideas of human development and promotion.

(h) To encourage students to set through the media, examples of their knowledge derived from their academic career on subjects integrated in the living of people in grass root level.

(i) To encourage students to acquire knowledge to be derived from their academic career towards the improvement of the living standard of the people of the society by adopting various measures in co-operation with the people of the area concerned.

(j) To help students involved in research work for social benefits.

(k) To encourage students studying in various professional sectors towards the rendering of such professional services to the people of the society as may be necessary, through utmost care and minimum costs with particular emphasis on people in poverty stricken areas.

(l) To build up creative minds among students by imparting appropriate knowledge and guidelines on various aspects of the society as may be required in the fitness of circumstances.

(m) To take programmes as may be required for the purpose of removing partisan spirit, if any, from amongst the members of the Association needed to take common programme for realization of society’s welfare activities.

(n) To encourage donors inside and or outside the country for specific programmes and to ensure transparency by all means.


(a) “Association” means the B.L. College Alumni Association, Khulna.

(b) ‘Management Committee” means the Management Committee of B.L. College Alumni Association to be formed by the general members of the Association as provided in the constitution.

(c) ‘General Members’ mean the Alumni of B.L. College, not below the age of 25 years, and also who have fulfilled the conditions of membership.

(d) ‘President’ means the President of the B.L. College Alumni Association.

(e) ‘Sub Committee” means working committee to be formed by the Secretary General in consultation with the President for specific purposes.

(f) ‘Register’ means a record to be maintained for the purpose of entries of the names and particulars of the members of the Association.

(g) ‘Election Commission’ means a 3 member commission to be formed by the outgoing Management Committee for holding and conducting the election of the next or incoming Management Committee according to rules to be framed in this behalf.

(h) “Pioneer” means the persons who have taken initiative to establish B.L. College Alumni Association.

(i) ‘Tenure’ means a particular period from the formation to the expiry of the Management Committee.

(j) “Assembly” means the gathering of distinguish personalities of different fields, in addition to the members of the Association, for the purpose and achievement of the objects as indicated in the Preamble of the Constitution.

Article 1:  Name

The name of the Association shall be B.L College Alumni Association for the purpose hereinafter appearing.

Article 2 : Registered Office

The registered office of the Alumni Association shall be situated somewhere in the Khulna City Corporation area (exact location will be settled afterwards)

Article: 3

The constitution shall come into force from the date it is passed and signed  by the pioneer of the association.

Article: 4

The Association shall be a non-profit, non political, social organization for augmenting the academic aspects of the student community by taking various and suitable programmes as may be thought proper by the Association, independently and or in collaboration with the college authority where that may be found available and possible.

Article: 5

The Association shall have the right to make communication with all or any educational institution for betterment of the student community as a whole without any act of disparity, with particular emphasis on chalking out programmes for the development of morality through their academic career and making them more knowledgeable about their respective subjects to lead them to become ideal citizens of the country with patriotic zeal.

Article: 6

The membership of the Association can be accorded only to the ex-students of  B.L. college staying home and abroad, and it will be of only one category, i.e. “life membership.”

Article 7: Management Committee

For the purpose of management of the activities of the Association there shall be a Management Committee consisting of the following office bearer and members  to be elected by the general members;

a)     President.

b)     Three Vice Presidents.(Sr.Vice President, Vice President, Vice President)

c)      Secretary General.

d)     Treasurer.

e)     Joint Secretary General- Two Posts.

f)      Office Secretary.

g)     Population , Health and Social welfare  Secretary.

h)     Agriculture, Industries and Environment Secretary.

i)       Resource Development Secretary.

j)       Education & Library Secretary.

k)     Sports & Cultural Secretary.

l)       Publicity & Public Relation Secretary.

m)    Science & Technology Secretary.

n)     Organizing Secretary.

o)     Twenty (20) members.

For successful implementation of programmes and projects undertaken by the association, the elected Management Committee shall have the power to constitute sub-committees and other committees from amongst general members.


(i) Among the twenty members, two i.e. immediate past President and Secretary General shall be automatically members of the incoming Management Committee.

(ii) Unforeseen vacancy in any post of office bearers of the Management Committee, the same shall be filled up by cooption from amongst the members of the Management Committee.

(iii) In case any member remains absent from three (3) consecutive meetings without proper satisfactory reason, or without prior information, he shall lose his membership.

Article 8: Meetings of the Association

The President or, on his advice, Secretary General shall call all meetings of the Association.

i) Annual General Meeting (AGM):

AGMs of all members of the association shall be held once in every calendar year, but not allowing more than fifteen (15) months to elapse between the date of one AGM and that of the next. For an AGM, a notice of al least fifteen (15) days shall have to served to the member with a copy of the agenda of the meeting.

ii) Assembly :

In addition to the AGM, at least one assembly of all members shall be held to allow the members to express their views on national problems and matters of national interest. A notice of at least thirty (30) days shall have to served for an assembly.

iii) Management Committee Meetings (MCM):

At least three (3) MCMs shall be held in a year, each meeting being within four (4) months. A notice of at least seven days shall have to be served for an MCM.

iv) Extra Ordinary General Meetings (EGM) :

The president may call extra ordinary general meetings (EGMs) if these are considered needed. Adoption of a special resolution shall require at least fifteen (15) days notice to be given to members along with the subject of the proposed resolution.

v) Emergency Meetings :

The President may call an emergency meeting of the Management Committee on a shorter notice but not less than 24 hours, if there is any urgent matter to be discussed and resolved.

Article 9: Power and Functions of the President

a) The President shall be responsible to call all meetings of the association. He shall preside over the meetings of Management Committee, AGM, the Assembly Meetings, EGM, Emergency meetings and all other meetings, seminars and symposiums etc. As head of the association, he will represent the association anywhere whenever required.

(b) The President shall have the authority to depute the available Seniormost

Vice President on his behalf in any forum.

(c) The President shall oversee the activities of the Management Committee

to ensure transparency of Association.

(d) The president shall have authority to vest any responsibility on the any


(e) He shall ask the Secretary General to convene the meeting of the Management

Committee and any other meeting of the association when so


(f) The President shall have authority to give ruling over any disputed matter in the

meetings and that will be considered conclusive on the respective occasion.

Article 10. Quorum

Presence of at least one-fourth (1/4th ) of the total members shall be required for a quorum of any meeting.

Article 11 :Powers and functions of the Vice President.

In the absence of the President, the senior most Vice-President shall preside over the meetings and shall be entitled to exercise all powers of the President, in addition to any other function that may be assigned by the President. If no Vice President is present, the Seniormost member of the Managing Committee shall preside over the meeting.

Article 12 :Power and Functions of the Secretary General

(a)   The Secretary General shall act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.

(b) He shall convene the meeting of the Management Committee and or any other meeting namely AGM, Extra Ordinary General Meeting(EGM) and  Assembly, on the advice of, and in discussion with the President. In the Annual General Meeting the Secretary General shall furnish in the Agenda, Annual Report, Audit Report and or any other agenda in consultation with the President.

(c) He shall co-ordinate activities of all other secretaries and prepare report for placing it before the regular meeting of the Management Committee as shall be determined herein after. He shall also place the annual report of the activities of the Association of the respective year before the Annual General Meeting for discussion.

(d) He shall make all important correspondences with and communication to persons or authorities in connection with the activities of the Association in consultation with the President when so needed.

(e) He shall record the proceedings of all meetings for placing it before the next meeting of the prescribed time of the Association.

(f) He will be responsible for effective management of the Association in an orderly manner.

(g) All other Secretaries shall discharge their functions as may be allotted to them by resolution of the Management Committee and submit their report to the Secretary General for placing it before the meeting of the Management Committee.

(h) The Secretary General shall convene at least (three) 3 meetings of the Management Committee in a year each meeting being within 4 months and the option for convening emergency meeting shall always be there.

(i) The Secretary General shall in consultation with the President form an internal audit team for the audit of the income and expenditure of the Association and place the same before the annual general meeting for discussion and views of the general members of the Association thereon.

(j) The secretary general shall be responsible for maintaining the register of members with the help of the office Secretary of the Management Committee.

Article 13: Powers and Functions of the Treasurer

(a) There shall be one Treasurer as mentioned in Article 8 of the Constitution and he shall receive money and maintain all records of expenditure and income and shall maintain proper books of accounts of the Association.

(b) At his initiative in the name of the Association, a savings account shall be opened  in any schedule Bank under the joint signature of the President, Secretary General and the Treasurer in pursuance of a resolution to be taken by the Management Committee in this behalf. The operation of the account shall be made under the joint signature of the Treasurer and either the President or the Secretary General.

(c) The Treasurer shall present the annual financial report and budget before the AGM

Article 14:Powers and Functions of the Joint Secretary Generals.

In absence of the Secretary General the Joint Secretary General in order of seniority of age shall discharge all functions and exercise all powers of sectary general.

Article 15 : Fund

The Fund of the Association mainly shall be derived from the membership subscription in addition to donations given by donors inside and outside of the country according to lawful means.

Article 16:Requisition Meeting of the Management Committee.

(a) In addition to the prescribed meetings of the Management Committee as mentioned in this constitution, if at least  one third (⅓rd ) members of the Management Committee, feel it necessary to hold a meeting, they may apply for a requisition meeting to the President through a written application signed by the requisitionists mentioning the issue for which the meeting is requisitioned.

(b) The President on receipt of such application shall ask the Secretary General of the Association to convene the Requisition Meeting giving at least  15 days prior notice to the members of the committee including the requisitionists. In case the Secretary General fails to convene the meeting the President himself shall convene the meeting.

(c) The Requisition Meeting shall require the presence of at least half (½ ) of the total members of the Management Committee to fill up the quorum and in case of fraction, presence of  at least one more member shall be necessary.

(d) In case of requisition for convening any Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM), the signatures of at least half (½ ) of the total general members shall be required and on the advice of the President, the Secretary General shall convene the requisition meeting with clear 15 days prior notice to the members. At least two-thirds (2/3rd ) of the total number of general members shall be required to be present in the requisitioned  EGM in which only one agenda shall be discussed and decision shall be taken.

Article 17 :Tenure of the Management Committee.

(a) The tenure of the Management Committee shall be for 2 (Two) years for a term. But all office bearers of the Management Committee shall be eligible to be elected for consecutive two term i.e four (4) years only in the same position.

(b) The cumulative period for holding any post of office bearers shall not exceed eight (8) years.

Article 18: Membership

(a) There shall be only one category of membership to be named as life member. An ex-student who passed at least one public examination from B.L College under any board or university and who is not below 25 years is eligible for membership.

(b) To become a general member of the Association qualifying the criteria of clause (a),  a membership fees of Tk.2,000/= (two thousand) only shall have to be paid at a time. The amount of life membership fees may be changed by the President of the Managing Committee subject to the approval of the general members.

(c) An application on a prescribed form shall have to be filed by the proposed Alumni and submitted to the Secretary General. The form shall be provided from the office of the Secretary General on demand against payment of Taka Twenty (20/=) only.

(d) Any proposed member shall be debarred from getting any opportunity to become member of the Association, in the event, he/she is found to be convicted of criminal act/ felony. Equally if any body is charged with such criminal act/felon, he/she will also be debarred until he/she is discharged or acquitted from such charges, he/she shall also be debarred until he/she is discharged or acquitted from such charges.

(e) The application for general membership of an ex-student may be considered by the President subject to approval by the Management Committee.

Article 19 : Election

(a) For the purpose of holding Management Committee election, an Election Commission shall be formed at least there months prior to the date of election.  Election Commission shall consist of  three (3) members, one of them designated as Chairman the other two being Members there off. The outgoing Management Committee shall form the Election Commission from amongst the members who will not contest the concerned election.

(b) The Election Commission shall declare the election schedule at least one month before the election.

(c) The Election Commission shall be guided by election rules to be framed by the Management Committee.

Article 20 :Framing of Rules

For carrying out the purposes of this constitution, the Management Committee shall have authority to frame rules as and when necessary on maters deemed fit and proper,

Article 21 :Amendment of Constitution.

The Constitution, if any situation demands, may be amended by two-thirds (2/3rd ) of the  general members and for that purpose the proposal shall be initiated by the Management Committee and placed before the Annual General Meeting for  approval, but due to the exigencies of circumstances, if immediate implementation of the amendment is considered necessary, pending the approval by the Annual General Meeting(AGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting(EGM) for the particular purpose, the Management Committee shall be competent to function on the basis of the proposed amendment and if in the AGM/EGM  the amendment is not approved, the functions so far done shall be  treated as valid and the validity can not be questioned in any forum, and the disapproval of amendment proposed will be treated as  inoperative in future.

Article 22

The dimension of the Association may spread over various places in the country to achieve its objectives where it may be found suitable and for so doing the Association may open branch offices where it is deemed appropriate. The Alumni of  B.L.College living abroad may be permitted to open branch offices there with prior communication to the Head office of the Association.

Article 23

Matter not covered by this constitution, but if need arises, those can be solved through resolution by the Management Committee subject to ultimate approval in the Annual General Meeting.

Article 24

To meet occasional expenditures the members of the Association shall be ready to contribute within their capacity to successfully perform the functions.

Article 25

The pioneer under the Presidentship of Professor Harunur Rashid shall function as the first Management Committee of the Association for a term of two (2) years beginning from the 1st day of January, 2011 and office bearers and members shall be selected by mutual discussion with adherence to utmost fairness. This committee shall be designated as a Committee for transitional period and all the members shall sign this constitution for its approval by the Social Welfare authority under the Ministry of Social Welfare.

Article 26

If the Management Committee deems it fit and proper, they may form an advisory committee with senior most Alumni even though they may not the general members of the Association.

Article 27 : Extension of Tenure.

In case of any act of God of vis Major, if election of the Management Committee could not be held in due time, the existing Management Committee shall continue for  further six month at the maximum.

Article 28: Indemnity.

A notice of meeting shall be given by the association to any member either personally or by post or courier or in local news paper.

When a notice is sent by post or courier or news paper it shall be deemed to have been effected properly. The accidental omission to give notice to any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of any meeting.

The members and other officers and employees of the association shall be indemnified for all losses and expenditure incurred by them in the discharge of their official responsibilities except their willful act, negligence or default.

Article 29: Disciplinary Action

All members of the Association shall be expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association.

i) If any member’s activities are found to be detrimental to the interest of the Association, the management committee shall have the authority to expel the member concerned after giving sufficient scope to defend himself.

ii)  During the tenure of any office bearer or member, if he/she is charged of any criminal offence and taken into custody, his membership shall be suspended.

Article 30: Dissolution.

In case the Association faces unfortunate dissolution or winding up, the resources that remain after the payment of all debts and liabilities, shall be given or transferred to B.L. College authority.